Casino moons review: how much can you earn from the first deposit ?

At Casino Moons we have a few little question marks on our faces. After almost two decades in the online casino market, there is no question that Casino Moons is one of the established virtual gaming halls on the market. It is then questionable why of all things one of the weakest casino licenses at all and on the experienced players but somewhat controversial Betsoft slot machines in this online casino is used. But it is also interesting that we did not succeed in finding out the headquarters of the operators, the Blacknote Entertainment Group Limited. Serious goes differently! Let’s take a closer look and find out what advantages but also what disadvantages playing in this casino brings with it.

Receive a bonus of up to €6,750 on your first five deposits and receive 25 free spins
Most casino players are open for a casino bonus. Especially if they are new to a casino, many players are happy to be welcomed with a welcome bonus. They may have had this experience before and thus have the opportunity to get to know the new casino better. If so, then you can also be happy as a new casino member at Casino Moons and of course if you want to use a bonus for the first time. This casino offers a bonus for its new members, which is more of a bonus package. This is not only on the first deposit into the casino account, but also on the first five deposits. You can earn up to 6,750 euros in bonus money and even get 25 free spins for your registration. That sounds very tempting at first. But what exactly does this bonus look like? What are the bonus conditions at Casino Moons and are these conditions realistic and achievable?

The Casino Moons already welcomes you if you just register there. For the registration alone, the casino gives you 25 free spins for selected slot machines. You don’t need to make a deposit, you just need to register to become a new Casino Moons member.

With your first deposit, the big money-maker really begins. For your first deposit, Casino Moons will give you a bonus of 200 percent up to 2,000 euros. For example, if you make your first deposit of 100 euros, you will receive a bonus of 200 euros on top of that and a total of 300 euros will be credited to your casino account. With a deposit of 1,000 euros, you will receive the maximum bonus of 2,000 euros and a total of 3,000 euros will be credited to your player account.

The second deposit brings you a 100% bonus of up to 1,000 euros at Casino Moons. If you would like to deposit 100 euros on your casino account with your second deposit, you will receive an additional 100 euros as a bonus. You will then be credited with a total of 200 euros. To receive the maximum bonus on your second deposit, deposit 1,000 euros into your account at Casino Moons. You will then be credited with a total of 2,000 euros.

For your third and fourth deposit into the casino account, Casino Moons will also give you a 100% bonus of up to €1,000 each. These two bonuses are therefore the same amount as the bonus for the second deposit. Accordingly, up to an amount of 1,000 euros, the same amount as the deposit amount as the bonus on top.
The fifth deposit, and thus the last bonus deposit for the welcome package, is rewarded with a bonus of 100 percent up to 1,750 euros. For example, if you transfer 200 euros to your Casino Moons account, you will receive an additional 200 euros as a bonus and 400 euros will be added to your account. With a deposit of 1,750 euros, you will receive the maximum bonus on your fifth deposit. Then you would receive a total of 3,500 euros on your account.

So far the bonus sounds very tempting for new players at Casino Moons. After all, there is a lot of bonus money in it, which of course has its appeal. But what are the bonus conditions behind this bonus offer? What are the exact turnover conditions? Under these conditions, is it even worthwhile using the bonus for the first five deposits and the free spins for registration?

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